I am a passionate visitor to the Flea Market. Since my Central Saint Martins days where I frequented many a market on the outskirts of Paris, to delighting in the 5am start on cold and frosty mornings in the UK. I have indulged in any and every junk shop & car boot sale I could find in the South East of England, and had the pleasure whilst at the RCA of a summer in New York some years ago rummaging around, every weekend, in the excellent markets that used to exist around 26th & 5th avenue.

More recently my husband took me to visit Arezzo, Tuscany. And quite by accident (although never forgotten and with the dates of future events permanently tattooed onto my brain) we stumbled across, what we were to later discover to be, one of the largest antique markets in Italy. Suffice to say I was in a happy place. I recommend it HIGHLY and if you fancy a visit here are the details.

In the mean time here is a collection of snaps from the Arezzo rummage.