Inspired by 1960s children’s stories and illustrations, old dominoes sets, daily musings from mini folk (who are extremely entertaining and bursting with a fresh and untainted view of the world) and my general love of doodling, colouring in and making up stories, I have been squirrelling away at new thoughts, adventures and projects.

I am delighted to announce that my brand new and first ever children’s book, Handstand, is now on the shelves in lots of good book shops! Published by Pavilion Books


I am very much enjoying this new found passion and I hope you like my new books too!

To give you a bit more ‘Handstand’ info, here is the blurb on the back…

Handstands aren’t easy. Just ask Edith. 

From standing on her hands for one second on Monday, she eventually does seven in a row on Sunday. But in between, she’s put off by worms, bees and a cheeky bird.

Count along with Edith as she learns that practice makes perfect.

Handstand, a kind of counting book. Published by Pavilion Books 2016.

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I am thrilled to bits that I have a number of other books in the pipeline too which will be published early next year and beyond.

Here is a sneak peek at some inspiration boards and doodles of my work in progress…



Stay tuned for news of launches, workshops and signings.


When Quadrille Books approached me a few years ago to work on a sewing book, I was very happy indeed and enjoyed the process immensely. Made At Home, my first book, was launched in the spring of 2010 and I often still get people contacting me to update me on what they have made from it, which is hugely humbling and very nice!

I wrote, illustrated and designed all the items in the book, and worked hand in hand with the fantastic team at Quadrille and two very good and extremely talented friends of mine, Ben Anders & Katie Sellers, to bring it all to life!

My first book, Made At Home (a guide to simple sewing) published by Quadrille.



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